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star receiver michael crabtree. the alleged incident happened early last sunday morning in a san francisco hotel a few hours after the 49ers playoff game against green bay. he has not been detained nor arrested and he is cooperating with police. it's bad timing for the bombshell. he is in atlanta with the team this morning. mike shumann is there. last night the team released this statement. we are aware of the allegation against michael and understand he has fully cooperated with the authorities. fans are shocked to hear about the investigation. news reporter sergio quintana has more from the hall of justice. >> san francisco police say this alleged sexual assault happened just hours after last saturday's match-up against the green bay packers. police say it happened at the
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hotel in san francisco. >> michael crabtree has been interviewed and very cooperative with our investigation. >> reporter: police are still putting together details in this investigation and are yet to determine if they will hand it over to district attorney. for fans gearing up for the showdown in atlanta, it's surprising. >> it's news to me at this point. it's a bit of shock. >> i don't understand why these guys that have it so good, they are in the news right now. why he would do something that is potentially hurt not only himself and family and team. >> as a fan, i will not back him up until it comes through. right now it sounds fake. >> we made efforts to contact him and his representative. so far our e-mails and phone calls have not been returned.
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>> katie: happening right now a traffic situation in the east bay. there is an injury accident involving a big rig on eastbound 80 in richmond. the chp says the right-hand lane and exit ramp are blocked right now. if you are driving that way, you should expect delays and no estimated time to reopen. 49ers take on the falcons tomorrow in atlanta. another major sporting event will be happening on the west coast. mavericks surf contest is on which means there is a high surf advisory in effect. alan wang tells us about the warning for anyone venturing near the shore. >> reporter: as the storm set on ocean beach, surfers talked about the big waves and sunny skies expected this weekend. >> that is what is so dangerous about this weekend. it will be nice and people will want to go into the water and enjoy the day. authorities are warning
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people to be aware of strong rip tides. >> i was out here when few sneaker waves claimed the lives of two or three people in one day. >> it's powerful. never turn your back on the ocean. >> the temperatures can make it strong for even the strongest swimmer to escape. >> last year, a guy died. >> he died in the same place where the competition being held this sunday. in 2010, 40 spectators were injured there after a rogue wave swept a crowd off the walks. a sneaker wave is responsible for the death of a man that drowned near point reyes while trying to rescue his dog. >> as a rule of thumb we don't go far in the water. in it was warmer, i don't know zbloor. >> reporter: that is exactly what authorities are worried
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about. never turn your back on the ocean. 24 surfers from around the world will compete in the international tomorrow morning. yesterday, the contest organizer by tomorrow the waves will be at least 30 feet high and intense. >> put the guys on the edge. they will have to bring a game to surf these waves. >> tens of thousands of spectators are expected apartment beaches and cliffs are closed but nearby princeton by the sea, some business plan to offer live video feeds of the event. >> they want to know what led to the death of a pedestrian south of market. we first showed you last night at 6:00. at least two vehicles hit the vehicle victim. officers say both drivers remained at the scene and are cooperating with investigators. tensions erupted outside a
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san jose court scene where a handyman is accused of murder. he shot and killed a man on the morning of new year's eve. hernandez said he was trying to detain soriano because he thought he was responsible for car break-ins. one of the relatives scuffled with a supporter of hernandez outside the courthouse. they blame the employer not providing enough security. >> if they had been pro-active. he killed a man, the father of five children. >> hernandez's family have called him to flee him from jail. he will return to court next month. we have confirmed san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife are being sued for defamation of character. lawsuit stems from mirkarimi's
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domestic violence incident. his wife allowed her neighbor to videotape her bruised arm as she described what happened. madison called police which ultimately led to his arrest and suspension. the sheriff later pled guilty to false imprisonment and was reinstated but during the ordeal he harshly criticized madison for contacting police. >> the alameda county sheriff's office is looking o the lookout for a teenage girl. she is an eighth grader at burbank middle school. she didn't show up for class on thursday. the mother believes she left with her boyfriend. the boyfriend has contacted her in the past and friend of the family. >> work is settle to begin on the bay bridge to fix the damage kuaghdzed by a tanker. it bashed into the one of the teachers towers in the western span damaged a fender.
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to damage was done to the tower but repairs are expected to cost between $2-3 million. starting tuesday, crews will begin the work. use steel and recycled plastic. it should take about four and a half months. coming up next, notre dame speaking out. mantai teo talk about the hoax about the girlfriend that never existed. parts of the story that are true and false. 49er quarterback, we'll tell you best place for
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>> katie: notre dame linebacker that became intertwined in an internet hoax has spoken out. was teo the victim or perpetrator of the hoax. for the first time he is telling his side of the story as he prepares in florida for the n.f.l. draft. matt gutman has the details. >> for the first time this morning, teo setting the record straight. >> for the record once again. did you in any way part of this? >> no, never. >> the star notre dame linebacker in hiding since the news of the so-called catfish hoax broke confessing.... >> i was with somebody that i didn't meet let alone people find out that this girl who died
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was so... so i kind of paired my stories to have people think. yeah, he met her before she passed away. >> she was lennay kakua, after announcing she died in cancer in the same september day his grandmother passed away. according to teo she was cool way of one man's imagination. teo he didn't suspect anything was wrong until he received a phone call a woman claiming to be her nearly three months after her alleged death. >> she said lennay. so we carried on the conversation and i got mad. i went on a rampage.
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how could you do this to me? i ended the conversation by saying simply this. you know what, my lennay died on september 12th. >> he continue reach them for comment and teo says he didn't believe that all of this was a lie until they called him three days to apologize. >> katie: if you are hoping to be decked out in 49er apparel for tomorrow's big game and you don't have any yet, you better get on it. there is a run on all things niners. we did catch up with the team as they were leaving san jose for atlanta yesterday. abc7 ama daetz as this report. >> they are buying up the team's apparel. >> kaepernick jersey is medium
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size. >> many needed a new injuries si to wear to house party. many will watch from home, other fans will catch in places like pete's tavern in san francisco. >> we have been getting calls, saturday evening they want reservations. >> colin mentioned he has been going to five guys lately where the general manager kaepernick says he comes in almost every day. >> he always gets this and we make sure he takes care of it real good. >> with all this talk, maybe this will do the trick. throw your hands up is by the clan. martin is the former lead singer of a rock manned called malo. >> one day i heard this particular beat. i said, man, that is great beat.
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can i use it? he said absolutely. so i took me a day to come up with liquor zblix dad said he would love to be able to throw your hands up at the superbowl. >> hopefully we'll be throwing our hands up of the 49ers going to the superbowl. lots of people are getting ready tonight. i'm sure a lot of people will be watching at some of places behind me. >> katie: man who bound the 49ers sweepstakes departed on a flight to atlanta. san francisco resident has never been on an airplane but this morning he and his cousin jumping aboard a delta flight for that dream trip to see his niners play for a birth to the superbowl. corey is very excited about that. mayor ed lee and atlanta mayor have upped the ante in
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their wager. if the 49ers win tomorrow. reid will provide him them with a case of georgia pizzas. if falcons win, the mayor will give him 25 pounds of fill's coffee. "abc 7 news" sports reporter mike shumann has been in atlanta to cover tomorrow's game and you can catch shu's report from atlanta all weekend. it will be so exciting. weather is kind of exciting here on this coast as well. >> lisa: we've got surf building wind and temperatures all going up in the past couple of hours. almost 62 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco, sunshine high surf advisory. spare the air, above normal temperatures. i'll have your forecast straight ahead. >> katie: also next, more on the
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investigation surrounding 49er star michael crabtree as the team prepares for kickoff in the mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
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>> katie: it is 8:20 and the weather this morning, very different depending on where you are. >> i can't get over the 61 in half moon bay. it was in the 50s elsewhere and upper 20s in east bay valleys out by the delta. here is a view from mount tam. it's beautiful and sunshine working to warm those cold valleys up in sonoma, napa and marin. beautiful afternoon, temperatures are well above average and maybe you have snow, not in the forecast for the short term but the seven-day outlook, we do see a little rain and snow. finally live doppler 7-hd, high and dry. is the sweep on top of mount st. helena. we're not picking up anything and we won't be for the next several days. a few high clouds once the ridge breaks down. underneath the ridge we've got cold temperatures. 28 santa rosa. look at that, 61 degrees half moon bay.
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the flow is offshore so 15-25 miles an hour along the coast. offshore flow helps to bring the shape of the waves for ideal conditions for mavericks. temperatures well above average. 36 in fremont as well as san jose. good morning watsonville, 42 for you and 44 in monterey. this morning compared to yesterday morning, much milder along the coast and much koltd they are the north bay. elsewhere, not much of a change, we will be looking for another chilly night tonight. once the ridge breaks down, warmer nights and cooler afternoons as more cloud cover. rough surf with a high surf advisory by 10:00. spare the air again today. fourth day in a row and mild afternoons right through tuesday with some changes heading our way mid-week. whether or not we see any rain, it's going to take time to break down this ridge. with this lid on the atmosphere, poor air quality along coast, north bay, higher pressure
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pushing down on us. we have the wind, but still very little mixing. the east bay, moderate air quality as well as inland east bay and santa clara valley. current wave heights about five feet. northwesterly swell up to 20 feet. we could see 30-foot waves with large breaking waves and sneakers make it dangerous along the coast. this is allowing for the offshore flow and jetstream well into canada. not much going on until this bridge breaks down. in the meantime, near 80s in los angeles and fog this morning. afternoon highs, mid to upper 60s. lower 60s out towards antioch and don't down by the monterey bay, 71 in hollister. not much going on, spare-the-air day today and right through
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monday, mild numbers, little change until wednesday. maybe some rain north bay and increasing clouds, better chances of rain toward the end of next week. so i hope you like it, if not, we'll try to fix it. >> katie: 49ers are just a day away from playing the atlanta falcons with a trip to the superbowl on the line. what they are doing to prepare for the game with a new distraction. san francisco police are investigating an allegation of sexual assault involving wide receiver michael crabtree. here is colin rush in this morning's sports. >> good morning. jim harbaugh has long been known for intensity and focus. that will never be more important than it is today. with news breaking with his alleged involvement with a sexual assault, harbaugh has to keep his team focused on the championship game while keeping what could be a huge distraction at bay. dealing with the task at hand.
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he has the niners right where he wanted them and same position he wanted them, one game from the superbowl. >> focus and con concentration the highest it's been. i would like to play the best game they ever played here. that is the hope and expectation >> niners defense will have a tough task of stopping tony gonzalez. still playing like a college kid. >> whether you walk through and guy with a long beard. toughest guy is the old guy. i figure i'm like that. you see everything and you see every coverage you know the angle is coming there to get you. i'm out there doing my thing. >> the warriors last time they won in san antonio, 1997. playing without jeff curry and
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first quarter. tim duncan, throwing down. warriors led by 10 in the first quarter. gary closes the gap and hits a 3 at the buzzer. golden state up by 3. david lee had 22. jared starting in place of curry too much and tim duncan and tony parker donate what parker does. he had 25. 25th straight loss to san antonio. women, welcome to the show. sta stanford hosting and in traffic, junior with 42nd career double-double. cardinals 75-49. hand the bruins first loss. giants first full squad workout of spring training is less than a month away.
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they will arrive in arizona in good mood. they all arbitration and received one-year deal. national league mvp getting $8 million and posey spent the day hanging with yogi berra. $8 million and chatted with him. and reverend, instrumental in san francisco's world series run join me tonight at 5:00 and 6:00, mike shumann reports live on the eve of the title gamer. >> katie: we have been getting lots of 49er fan photos from viewers. bruce higgins took this picture in pacifica when it was 49ers' pride day. check out the two months twins. proud mom calls them the cuteest
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fans. they are hoping for a big win tomorrow. you can e-mail your fan photos to ureport@kgo we'll show as many as we can on the air. next, a final preparations for the second inaugural celebration. we have a preview of monday's big event for president obama in washington, d.c. part two of lance armstrong's interview with oprah.
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>> katie: today the president and first lady are participating in a community service project in the washington, d.c. area. they have asked americans to himself take part in a day of service to honor dr. martin luther king.
8:29 am
karen travers shows us to what to expect. >> thousands will pack the mall on monday eager to witness the second inauguration of president obama, but they are not quite partying like it's 2009. four years ago a record 1.8 million people gathered to see the swearing in of the first african-american president. >> this year officials estimate estimate about 600,000 to 800,000 will be on hand. that will be more for george w. bush but a far cry from 2009. the there will be star power, beyonce will take part in the swearing-in ceremony. supporters will be enthusiastic but the mood on the mall will be different and president's speech while the nation is not teetering on the brink like in 2009, president is struggling with high unemployment and
8:30 am
voters lack of trust and confidence in washington. >> we are poised for a good year if we make smart decisions and sound investments. as long as washington politics do not get in the way of america's progress. >> before the hard work of the second term begins, the obama will squeeze in a little sun. in 2009 they had a whirlwind night on the town, ten inaugural balls. this year there is just two official balls, one expected to draw 35,000 and sounds of katie perry, smokie robinson and usher. >> i like a good party. >> but it could be an early night. president has got a job to do the next day. >> it's been a busy and productive four years. i expect the same for the next four years. >> katie: our coverage of the inauguration begins monday at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of "good morning america." we'll also have live streaming
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coverage at starting at 6:30 monday morning. >> developing news in algeria. state news agency says the country's special forces stormed the gas installation killing 11 militants in a final assault to retake a natural gas facility. seven hostages have also reportedly been killed in the assault. they say the standoff though is now over. it involved with islamic extremists and one american has been confirmed killed. the plant is jointly run by bp, norway's company and algeria company. >> now to lance armstrong public confession. in part two, he begins on break down when he talks about his family. a side of the competitor we
8:32 am
haven't seen before last night's airing on the oprah winfrey network. >> when you peel away the lies and coveringups and bullying, he is also a father. that is to this complicated and deeply flawed man revealed the betrayal to his own family. >> when this all really started, i saw my son defending me and saying, that is not true. what you are saying about my dad is not true. i told luke, i said... i said don't defend me anymore. >> it was a painful glimpse into a man that apologized repeatedly for a big lie and feels that his
8:33 am
lifetime sporting ban is unfair never mind he ignored fair play at every turn. >> i deserve to be punished, if you are skl me do i want to compete again? the answer is hell, yeah, i'm a competitor. it's what i have done my whole life. i love to train and love to race. >> he is now this therapy and in his words, he sick his actions were. >> this is heavy. this is messy and this is not something i can sit with you and leave and go okay. >> it's not just some old version of himself. the arrogant twitter photo boasting even after being stripped was just two months ago. >> that was just more defiance. you know what is scary, i thought it was a good idea.
8:34 am
>> he acknowledged that his ex-wife knew hf his cheating and encouraged to stop but to come clean. he never did until he lost everything and was backed into a corner. >> will you rise again? >> i don't know. i do not know of the outcome here. >> katie: mineta san jose and oakland airports are removing the body scanners that produce a naked image of air travelers. it raised privacy concerns. congress issued an order either fix them or remove them by june. the company that makes the scanners wasn't able to come up with a fix to comply so they are going away. the man convicted of killing his ex girlfriend while working at the richmond-san rafael bridge says he feels no remorse. he was sentenced to death yesterday for the murders of
8:35 am
debra ross and one other person. burris shot the two at the tollbooth. he says he shot them because they were romantically involved after ross ended the relationship. >> the head of university of california system is stepping down. he announced his resignation yesterday. he plans to stay on until the end of august to give the board time to find a replacement. he plans to return to teaching law at u.c. berkeley. in a written statement he said the prior 18 months brought a spate of taxing health issues though the challenges have been largely overcome, it's time to make a change in my profl lifestyle. he did not elaborate on his health problems. the number of freshman applicants to attend the system for the 2013 ool year marks a record high. nearly 175,000 students have applied to attend a university of california school next fall.
8:36 am
that is a 10.7% increase over last fall. largest increase is at u.c. santa cruz with 16.9% jump for applicants. u.c. berkeley saw the smallest with 9.7%. >> a 13-year-old boy scout is teaching up with san jose firefighters to help make a difference for burn victims. yesterday afternoon, he donated a nintendo wii and other supplies to the valley medical center burn unit. he received help from the foundation that facilitated it. >> to recover from a fatal, this helps them have sun and recover at the same time. >> jack raised more than $1500 to buy the stuff. he says he came up with the idea
8:37 am
for the scouting project because his mother is a nurse in the burn unit. coming up next, we're behind the rest of the country but now the flu has come to california. how you can prevent your kids from being part of a national epidemic. taking a live look out this morning, beautiful blue skies, this is san jose, temperatures hovering around 36. you'll get a 30-degree boost as the day heads on. temperatures getting up to the mid-60s. lisa argen is going to have the full forec
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>> katie: welcome back. it's 8:40. you are looking live, interstate 80 looking toward richmond. i want to update you about a big rig accident on eastbound 70,
8:40 am
right lane has been blocked for hours and off-ramp. we understand that the lane has been reopened. so all lanes flowing on eastbound 80 in the richmond area, exit ramp is still closed but they tweeted the ramp may be open by noon. the only thing we know about the accident it was an injury accident involving a big rig, it looks like a big rig crashed into a guardrail. as flu season heats up as many as 20% of americans will get sick. take a look at this. if someone sneezes those drop let's can spread six feet. the risk the greatest from the smallest among us. a child's sneeze can spread millions of particles ten times more than an adult because adults have a more developed immune system. cdc has declared it an epidemic
8:41 am
and it now has spread to california. a flu clinic at washington hospital in fremont is hoping to stop the flu. more now from reporter nick smith. >> reporter: four-year-old is not having a good time. watch her squirm and wiggle and hear her scream. in the end she got her flu shot. experts believe that flu epidemics spread to adults from younger children. this clinic at washington hospital in fremont is one of many working to stop the spread of the flu. >> this the worst strain they have seen in the wrong time. >> and rumors about the virus. >> i text add few girlfriends, i am getting a flu shot but it's going to be worse if you get the flu. >> this year's season is shaping
8:42 am
up to be especially severe. children are especially vulnerable. they reported nine pediatric deaths in the second week of january. >> the flu starts but january and february are the worst months. >> among of 12,000 specimens, 29% were positive for the flu. the doctor says pneumonia and influenza deaths are above the threshold. >> last year we weren't at this level. we are seeing a higher number of cases than usual. it's a cause for concern. >> they report the flu is hitting the elderly hard. nearly half of those hospitalized because of flu were over the age of 65. evon says she has no plans to be among those getting sick. >> the weather has been so koeld cold. we wanted to make sure to make sure we didn't get the flu. >> walgreen's and cvs is another
8:43 am
that will be providing flu shots. there are other places you can get your flu shots. for a complete list, go to our website at >> katie: hopefully people will be feeling well enough to enjoy the nice weather we're going to see to the zblod it is dry out there. at the coast. temperatures in the 60s and in the past three hours, relative humidity at half moon bay has dropped to 28%. kind of unusual and gusty winds. right here from the transamerica pyramid, roof camera shot, it's very nice. numbers approaching 50s. we'll talk about above normal temperatures, high surf and how long this will last straight ahead. >> katie: also ahead, cutting edge technology at dentist's office
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>> katie: an interesting job is opening up at apple. they want a writer to turn siri into a recognizable character. >> isaac, what do you want to say to isaac? >> applicants need to have a love of lands, a sense of word play and experience in creative content. so if you have quick jokes, apple wants to hear from you. >> heavenly mountain resort is opening half price today for the first time. it's 18 feet high and 1400 feet long. the run is designed for all levels of experience. the half pipe is inside the roller park. it opens at noon and only half pipe right now on lake tahoe's
8:47 am
south shore. it may be upstaged by mavericks. >> from the mountains to the coastguard with tons of sun in the sierra nevada back home, you see haze in the atmosphere. taking a look at san francisco from the east bay camera, nine hours and 57 minutes of daylight. sea are building and occasional sets of 20 feet and long swells and all the conditions coming together for those perfect waves. live doppler 7-hd, very quiet the past couple of days or past couple of weeks. our sweep maybe by the middle of the week picking up a few returns but it's going to take time to break down the ridge. colder denser air to drain into the valleys. upper 20s to low 30s. we talked about the low relative
8:48 am
humidity. now it's at 28%. gusty winds at times, 15-25 miles an hour. if you are heading to the shoreline, not only dangerous, it will be breezy here. mid 40s in monterey with 31 in gilroy. looking at numbers coming up as much as 30 degrees today. compared to yesterday, colder in parts of the north bay, much milder around half moon bay. else where a couple degrees cooler for fremont. san jose, it's been pretty cool for you in the south bay. by the afternoon, numbers are up and look for another spare-the-air day today. high pressure firmly in control. mild afternoons through about tuesday and wednesday, we'll see the numbers come down. it will feel a lot colder but take a few more days to get the rain our way. high surf advisory in the next couple of hours through tomorrow afternoon, that northwesterly swell calm enough for 20 feet. right now the waves are above
8:49 am
five feet and get even stronger through tomorrow. many things coming together for this big event at mavericks. high pressure in control it will be a beautiful day from north to south. temperatures in southern california, pretty warm. the strong ridge not going anywhere for the next several days but once it breaks down, it will take several days to moisten things up. we'll look for highs in the lower 50s in yosemite. 66 in big sur and how about 80 in los angeles. very balmy temperatures with the offshore flow, gusty winds and quite dry, 65 in san mateo. 66 in half moon bay. factor in the wind, it will be cooler and 64 in livermore. down by the monterey bay, not out of the question to see a couple of 70s for the next several days. nights will be cool. one more panel to look at. these are the overnight lows. once again, upper 20s to near
8:50 am
30. with mid 40s around the water. here is the look ahead. it isn't until tuesday until we see the numbers take a dip, increasing fog. opportunity for rain increases by the end of next week. between now and then, it looks like much of january very dry. >> katie: thank you. we have some new news this morning, san francisco firefighters had to call in extra help to keep a fire at a homeless camp from spreading to homes in the outer richmond district. the flames broke out behind two homes before dawn on 48th avenue on a bluff overlooking the ocean. the spread to trees and overgrown shrubs. they found flames two stories high but they were able to get the flames knocked down in about 20 minutes without any damage to homes. getting braces on your teeth can be an unsettling experience for some patients, but now a cutting edge technology is making part of the process a lot more comfortable.
8:51 am
health and science reporter carolyn johnson has the details. >> helen sue is all smiles when she plays with her newborn son. she has benefited for the popular invisoline braces. it's to adjust them is departure from traditional molds used by other doctors. >> it's called the health scanner. we can have study models without taking the immaterial presentations. >> first they reach for the scanner that will photograph her teeth. it's connected to a computer system that will beam the images from her practice in san francisco to the itero lab. over the next several minutes the doctor guides the camera around ellen's up and lower jaw line. it's optical. >> these little areas right
8:52 am
there. >> step by step they build a map of her teeth. computer alerts the dentist they don't have a complete image so it can be rephotographed. >> it's very accurate. >> it's quicker than traditional impressions. >> you have to leave the material that does not taste good from three to five minutes. if it wasn't a good impression they would have to take another one. >> cost can vary by practice but he does not charge extra for the digital impressions. as for ellen she is anxious to see the results. >> it's more confident and not have to worry about my teeth look like and people think. >> katie: carolyn says the turnaround time tends to be faster because the digital images are sent instantaneously. the information stored with the images helps technicians speed
8:53 am
up much of the fabrication process. >> coming up next, get out your binoculars. find out when you can see an
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> katie: scientists shall excited to see an asteroid close enough to to earth it can be seen by binoculars. they will have their telescopes ready for it. the medium sized rock will pass by earth next month somewhere between the international space station and farthest tv satellite. >> we know well enough it won't hit the earth, maybe sometime in the future, it's not a very large one. you wouldn't be around where it landed if it did, but it's not going to cause a catastrophe. >> katie: it will travel slowly across our evening sky on
8:56 am
february 15th. chabot will stay open so people can get good look at it from one of telescopes. meanwhile, we have to deal with earthly weather. >> lisa: these swells are going to be building quickly. the long period swells right now five-foot waves. i tell you later on today it will be incredible with swells up to 20 feet. temperatures are going to be in the upper 60s. offshore flow, 65 in san mateo and 66 in san jose. very little change weather-wise. rough swuf tomorrow and first chance of rain not until the middle of next week but most people will feel the effects of cooler temperatures through the end of next week. >> katie: we're re well rehearse order brace can for cooler temperatures. thanks for joining us on the saturday morning news. "abc 7 news" continues at 5:00
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hello, everyone. i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." today we're going island hopping, from the florida keys... >> if she comes to you, just let her bite you. don't drop her. [laughs] >> to the pacific northwest... to see a bear, you gotta act like a bear. >> all the way to fiji. >> someone is sneaking on the side. >> he's like a little cartoon character. >> and later, one of my spiciest bloopers ever. whew. sue, this is like acid. so stayed tuned for 7 of my favorite island getaways on today's "wild countdown." >> unfortunately sometimes the shark might mistake a hand for food. >> this is against my better judgment.o leave ou we tried to leave our tents, and i didn't even go to dinner. we couldn't get to dinner.

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Tuner Channel 74 (525 MHz)
Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 1280
Pixel height 720
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 1/19/2013